Wills & Contested Estates

Wills & Contested Estates

Wills and Estate Planning can be an unpleasant topic to discuss. It can be both time consuming and complicated especially if you are not already acquainted with the area of law. This is where an expert Estate Planning Lawyer comes in handy. At Longton Legal, our Estate Planning Lawyers can help you with this complex topic and work with you to ensure your wishes are carried out, even after you have passed.

Protecting wealth across generations

The legal consequences of your assets after your death can be complicated. The existence of a Will provides legal protection and ensures wealth is distributed in accordance with your wishes. At Longton Legal, we offer you considered and effective estate planning and asset protection advice.

You may have concerns regarding tax liability, minimising personal liability or consequences of bankruptcy. You may also want to explore a Power of Attorney or an Enduring Guardianship. Whatever concerns or questions you may have, our highly experienced Estate Planning Lawyers will look at your unique situation and provide tailored advice.

In the event of a contested or disputed Will, our Estate Planning Litigators will work hard to find a solution that protects your entitlement. We act for both executors and beneficiaries with experience across Family Provision Claims (challenging a Will), Testamentary Capacity (capacity of the Will-maker) and Construction of a Will (intentions of the Will-maker).

Our Estate Planning Lawyers attend courts all over NSW including Sydney CBD, Sydney West, Sydney South-West and Regional NSW.

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