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Did you know in New South Wales what criteria you must satisfy to receive statutory compensation after 26 weeks in a motor vehicle accident?

In NSW the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017 applies to motor vehicle accidents (MVA) after 1 December 2017. The legislation allows all injured person’s to receive statutory benefits whether at fault in the MVA or not for the first 26 weeks. The legislation however determines that if an injured person has a minor injury and/or […]

We’ve separated but we still live together: Can I get a divorce?

Separation looks different for each and every couple. For some it is immediate, dramatic and bold; for others it slowly creeps up on them, leading up to a realisation that the relationship has ended for good. Separating is no longer synonymous with the forced vacation of a person from the family home. Today, and in […]

Is compensation payable under the workers compensation legislation for injuries sustained in domestic violence when working from home?

During the COVID -19 pandemic people are spending a lot  more time at home and unfortunately there has been a significant increase in the reports of domestic violence. While employers are not usually liable for workers who are exposed to domestic violence, in a recent case before the New South Wales Supreme Court of Appeal, […]

Family provision claims can by adult children of any age

As the financial impacts of COVID-19 continue, people may be looking for ways to obtain funds that they might not otherwise pursue. One such area is in the Wills and Estates arena. Family Provision claims may be made against a deceased estate where a person seeks Orders from a court for some provision (if they […]

Can you claim for worker’s compensation if you are injury when working from home?

According to the NSW workers compensation legislation, if a worker suffers a work-related injury the worker has the right to claim worker’s compensation. The injury can arise out of a work-related accident or a disease contracted or aggravated in the course of employment. During the COVID-19 lock down period, more workers are working from home. […]

Rental Guarantee and Covid – 19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in worldwide, the property market in Australia has suffered extended impacts in relation to the market value of the properties and investment return rate. One of the concerns that many purchasers might have is about the rental guarantee, which is a document signed both by vendor and purchaser indicating that […]