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Can you claim for worker’s compensation if you are injury when working from home?

According to the NSW workers compensation legislation, if a worker suffers a work-related injury the worker has the right to claim worker’s compensation. The injury can arise out of a work-related accident or a disease contracted or aggravated in the course of employment. During the COVID-19 lock down period, more workers are working from home. […]

Rental Guarantee and Covid – 19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in worldwide, the property market in Australia has suffered extended impacts in relation to the market value of the properties and investment return rate. One of the concerns that many purchasers might have is about the rental guarantee, which is a document signed both by vendor and purchaser indicating that […]

Trusts – Legal Owner _ Beneficial Owner

In general terms, trusts are widely used for asset protection, investment and business purposes. The following types of trusts are frequently encountered in Australia: Fixed trusts 固定信托 Unit trusts 單位信托 Discretionary trusts 全權信托 Family trusts 家庭信托 Bare trusts 簡易信托 Hybrid trusts 混合信托 Testamentary trusts遺囑信托 Charitable trusts 慈善信托 Superannuation trusts 退休金信托 A trust is essentially a […]

New ruling from Revenue NSW: where beneficiaries vary Will gifts

It is commonplace for Wills to be drafted to leave the rest and residue of an Estate equally between children, or a spouse and children. It is also not uncommon for beneficiaries to come to alternate arrangements to ‘swap’ the form of their entitlements under a Will, such as receiving Real Property instead of cash. […]

COVID-19 pandemic: How do my children spend time between two households?  

With the coronavirus pandemic presently impacting almost every aspect of life, we have received a number of inquiries about conducting changeovers, and whether or not aspects of parenting Orders are affected, naturally stemming from concerns for your, your child’s, or elderly members of your household’s safety and well-being. The Family Court of Australia issued a […]

Information for executors of deceased Estates in New South Wales

When a loved one, or someone close to you, has passed away, on top of funeral arrangements, hosting family and friends, and grieving the loss, you may find yourself as the executor, who is responsible for managing a deceased estate. Even without all of the above, being an Executor can be difficult and confusing, and […]