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If my partner wasted money during our relationship, can I get more out of what is left?

In many relationships, one partner may spend more money, albeit on gambling, drinking, or shopping, than the other. Here, we will briefly discuss what relevance you or your former partner’s spending habits may have, if the court were to decide a property settlement between you. In answering the question above – the short answer is […]

Can I seek reimbursement of a hotel or a holiday which is interrupted or cancelled as a result of a Natural Disaster?

In Australia consumers rights are governed by the Australian Consumer Law. It doesn’t matter how a consumer books  the accommodation or holiday. Each case is determined on its own facts and if you have had a holiday interrupted or unable to attend because of a natural disaster, your first action should be to contact the […]

Legal Representation at the Consumer and Commercial Division of the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)

Did you know that if you have a building dispute which is in excess of $30,000 you can pursue from NCAT and be legally represented! If you are successful with your claim, the unsuccessful party will be liable to pay legal costs. Usually NCAT is a jurisdiction that prefers you to represent yourself and legal […]

DISQUALIFIED DRIVER’S – Favourable changes

On 28 October 2017 the Road Transport Amendment (Driver Licence Disqualification) Act 2017 (NSW) was created. This Act now provides certain disqualified drivers the opportunity to get their license back sooner. Changes – The automatic disqualifications and minimum periods vary depending on the offence you have been charged with and increase for second and subsequent […]

NSW made changes to the limitation rules relating to child abuse

In response to the Royal Commission into sexual abuse, in 2016 the NSW government introduced the Limitation Amendment (Child Abuse) Act 2016 ( the Act)  which commenced on 17 March 2016 which removed the limitation periods retrospectively for claims for death of or personal injury to a person resulting from an act or omission that […]

Work injury damages for workers in New South Wales

In NSW, a worker who is injured in the course of their employment who crosses the 15% permanent impairment threshold of injury and was injured as a result of the employer’s negligence can claim damages for past and future losses of earnings. This is known as the modified common law damages. A work injury damages […]