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A Beautiful Legend of 132B Business Talent Visa: Is it too good to be true?

[:en]A Beautiful Legend of 132B Business Talent Visa: Is it too good to be true? There seems an urban legend that has been circulating among millionaires interested in migrating to Australia on a Business Talent – Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream visa (or the so-called SC132B visa). The dream SC132 visa the legend portrays is: no […]

Genuine Temporary Entrant

[:en]What is a GTE? The full name of “GTE” is Genuine Temporary Entrant. The GTE criterion is used to make sure that visa applicants genuinely intend to stay in Australia temporarily. At present, all Australian student visa applicants need to pass the GTE assessment before getting their visas. This requirement has potentially increased the complexity […]

Top 4 Things to Think About When Getting a Divorce in NSW

[:en] Getting a divorce is always a stressful experience. Seeking family law advice from a lawyer at Sydney’s Longton Legal can help ease your stress when your marriage breaks down. If you think the time is coming for a divorce or separation, here are four things you should think about. 1. What will be best […]

Drink Driving – What not to say

[:en] In New South Wales, Australia, police have the power to subject you to a breath test for alcohol in two circumstances: 1. Random Breath Test; or 2. The police notice that you are driving in a way that may be reckless or dangerous and suspect that you may be under the influence of alcohol […]


[:en] Every year, about 5 million drivers in NSW are instructed to submit to a Random Breath Test (RBT). Drivers who are arrested for drink driving after taking that test are typically required to submit to a more sophisticated breath analysis. Since the offence of drink driving is usually proved with evidence obtained from a […]

Where a Child Lives in Case of Divorce: When Can Children Decide?

[:en]In Australia, there is no set age at which a child (a person under 18 years of age) can decide they want to live with one divorced parent or the other. Section 60CC(3)(a) of the Family Law Act governs the factors a court must consider when determining what kind of custody arrangement is in the […]