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Relocation after separation

Relocation after separation: moving to a different area with your children The court’s primary consideration in any proposed relocation order sought, is the same as in all other parenting orders: whether an order for, or against, relocation, is in the best interests of the children. You and your partner may have only just separated, or […]

Bad Beneficiaries- Should they be allowed to inherit from their victims?

违法受益人是否应被剥夺受害人遗产的继承资格? A convicted murderer cannot inherit their victim’s estate. However, the lines become blurred if the person was not the direct murderer but perhaps: 被判有罪的杀人犯显然不能继承被害人的财产。然而,如果此人不是直接的杀人犯,但可能是: (a) Assisted in covering up the murder? 谋杀罪的帮助犯; (b) Accidentally killed the deceased? Or 过失致被害人死亡;或 (c) Was not guilty due to ill mental health? 由于精神失常被判无罪。 Essentially, whether the bad beneficiary […]