Superannuation TPD claims

Superannuation, or ‘super’, is money put aside by your employer over your working life for you to live on when you retire from work.
You can only withdraw your super money usually in certain circumstances – for example, when you retire or turn 65 years old. You may also obtain early access due to an injury or illness.
Superannuation policies usually have attached to the superannuation an insurance policy known as total permanent disablement ( TPD) payments if you come within the definition of TPD in the superannuation policy.
It does not have to be a work related illness or injury.
The definition of TPD may vary from policy to policy. You may have to be permanently disabled to unlikely work in your occupation under one policy  or you may have to disabled to work in any occupation you are reasonably qualified to work in another.
The cover can vary between $80,000 to $450,000.
Making  a claim “properly”  with a  TPD insurer often involves your medical  treatment providers completing lengthy claim forms. It is very important that your incapacity comes within the definition of TPD in the policy.
Dealing with insurers is often very frustrating as  they do not provide easy contact and their delays in replying can often take months.
The process can be complex with injured persons already under financial and emotional strain.
We can assist you with your TPD claim and we offer a “no win no fee“ agreements to assist you maximise your claim.

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