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Buying/Selling Property: Should you use a Conveyancer or Solicitor?

Conveyancing refers to the entire process involved in the purchase or sale of land. It involves the negotiating of terms of sale or purchase, the preparation of the documents necessary to secure the transfer of title, the investigation of hazards to future ownership of the property and conducting the settlement. Conveyancing can also involve dealing […]

Liquor and the Cost of Compliance

Being a licensee of a premises that holds a liquor licence is one of the most fluidly changing compliance environments facing small business operators in NSW. Things constantly change, regulations are updated, departments are restructured and compliance requirements keep moving. As a licensee, it is your job to keep up to date with the changes. […]

Wills & Superannuation: some Super important information

Superannuation – background Superannuation (“super”) was introduced in Australia in 1991 as a private wealth structure, based on a trust concept. This unique type of asset can only be dealt with in your Will under certain circumstances, as it is governed by its own legislation, and not by succession law. Each super fund is then […]

When grandchildren may and may not be able to make a claim on your Estate

By virtue of the Succession Act 2006 (NSW), grandchildren who lived with you at any time (regardless whether in your house) and were dependent on you at any time, are eligible to make an application for a Family Provision Order: section 57(1)(e)(ii). Given that it is usual to leave your Estate to your children, on […]

What is an ICL

What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer & what do they do? An Independent Children’s Lawyer (“ICL”) is a lawyer who represents a child independently, by acting in the child or children’s best interests. ICLs use professional judgment and skill to enable children to be more involved in the decision-making process in proceedings, however they are […]

Relocation after separation

Relocation after separation: moving to a different area with your children The court’s primary consideration in any proposed relocation order sought, is the same as in all other parenting orders: whether an order for, or against, relocation, is in the best interests of the children. You and your partner may have only just separated, or […]