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Freedom of Information in NSW

Q What happens if you are injured on a public street or footpath and you need information about the maintenance records or notices of injury from your Local Council? Q What if you are charged with an offence that is later withdrawn and you want to know why the charge was brought in the first […]

Fire bans your responsibilities in NSW

Whether you live in or visit Australia during the summer months, it is important to understand the basics on your responsibilities in respect to the laws around Fires. Summers in Australia are synonymous with Bushfires.  Although the vast majority of bushfires in Australia are started by lightning strikes, there are still over an average of […]

Do you need a registry wedding in Australia if you were married overseas?

Have you been married overseas? Do you now live in Australia? Ever thought about whether your marriage would be valid under Australian Law? Our investigation starts with the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth). This piece of legislation contains the basic rules of what “marriage” means, how it can be effected and who may perform the ceremony. […]

Slip and falls in supermarkets- Public Liability Claims 

Q If you are injured in a slip and fall incident at a supermarket how does the Court assess whether the supermarket in question breached its duty of care to you? The High Court of Australia answered this question in the case of Strong v Woolworths Limited [2012] HCA 5 Facts: The plaintiff ordinarily walks […]

Parenting matters – which laws apply to me?

Federal law In Australia, the Family Law Act 1975 (“FLA”) empowers the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court to make parenting Orders, which usually occurs following the breakdown of a relationship between two parents, who are unable to reach such agreement between themselves, or wish to formalise the agreement they have reached by court Order. […]

Making A Will: Mental Capacity

Making A Will: Mental Capacity In order to have a valid will, there are a number of elements that need to be met, and most importantly the person making the will needs to have the requisite level of mental capacity. So, if you want to make a Will, or you are wondering about whether a […]