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NSW made changes to the limitation rules relating to child abuse

In response to the Royal Commission into sexual abuse, in 2016 the NSW government introduced the Limitation Amendment (Child Abuse) Act 2016 ( the Act)  which commenced on 17 March 2016 which removed the limitation periods retrospectively for claims for death of or personal injury to a person resulting from an act or omission that […]

Work injury damages for workers in New South Wales

In NSW, a worker who is injured in the course of their employment who crosses the 15% permanent impairment threshold of injury and was injured as a result of the employer’s negligence can claim damages for past and future losses of earnings. This is known as the modified common law damages. A work injury damages […]

What types of child support are available?

What types of child support are available? We often encounter clients who wish to know whether seeking child support payments also means that the children’s health insurance, or school fees paid by the other parent will now stop being covered.  There seems to be a common misunderstanding that child support must be paid in cash. […]

Shared care of children – arrangements over the Christmas summer school holiday period

With the festive season fast approaching, if you share care of children with your former partner, and have not yet reached agreement as to time during the Christmas holidays, we suggest you look at doing so now. Disagreements often arise as to what equates to half of the holidays, or when and where changeover should […]

Freedom of Information in NSW

Q What happens if you are injured on a public street or footpath and you need information about the maintenance records or notices of injury from your Local Council? Q What if you are charged with an offence that is later withdrawn and you want to know why the charge was brought in the first […]

Fire bans your responsibilities in NSW

Whether you live in or visit Australia during the summer months, it is important to understand the basics on your responsibilities in respect to the laws around Fires. Summers in Australia are synonymous with Bushfires.  Although the vast majority of bushfires in Australia are started by lightning strikes, there are still over an average of […]