Registered Relationship

Registered Relationship

In Australia, adults in a relationship can register their relationship.
There is legal recognition for adults in a relationship provided that at least one of them lives in New
South Wales, a registered relationship is recognised in many States in Australia, including New South
Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and Tasmania.
In New South Wales, an application to register a relationship can be lodged at Registry of Births
Deaths & Marriages.

The Importance of Relationship Registration

One of the main reasons of registering a relationship is for VISA application. A relationship
registration may be required in order for you to apply for a visa. In contrast to establishing a de facto
relationship, registering a relationship is comparatively easy. In order to establish a de facto
relationship, a lot of factors will be taken into consideration. For instance, the duration of the de
facto relationship; the existence of a child of the de facto relationship, if any; the significant
contributions made during the de facto relationship, etc. On the other hand, relationship registration
offers a lower threshold.

How to Register a Relationship in NSW
A form can be downloaded from the website of Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
( relationship-registration.pdf). In order to
register a relationship, a form has to be filled and supported with evidence, and to be delivered to
the Registry, either by hand or by post.
both partners must be:

  • Over 18 years of age;
  • Not married to each other or anyone else;
  • Not already in a registered relationship under this Act or in another state or territory
    in Australia;
  • Not in a relationship with another person;
  • Not related by family


  • At least one partner must reside in New South Wales
  • Neither partner is required to be a (temporary or permanent) resident of Australia

Identification Documents
Three forms of identity are required for each partner

  • One partner must show proof of residency in New South Wales.
  • All documents must be in English
  • Each applicant must provide one of each from categories 1, 2 and 3. If you are
    unable to provide identification from category 1, then at least one of these must be
    from category 2 and two from category 3.
  • The person who is residing in NSW must provide at least one identification
    document containing a current NSW residential address (PO boxes and bank
    statements are not accepted)
  • All identification must be current (not expired), Utility bills or rate notices must have
    been issued within last 3 months
  • Original copies are required if application is lodged by person. If applying by post,
    certified photocopies of each identity document are needed. (documents have to be
    certified by authorised witnesses, such as Justice of Peace (JP), Public Notary, Legal
Category 1 Category 2
If born in Australia
An Australian Birth Certificate

if born overseas
New Zealand citizenship certificate
New Zealand birth certificate
Australian citizenship certificate
Proof of permament residency from the Department of immigration and Border Protection

Australian driver license
Australian passport
Australian firerm license
Forign Passport
Photo Card issued by govrnment agency

Category 3 Category 4
Medicare card
Credit or debit card
Centrelink card
Australian Department of Veteran’s Affairs card
Australian security guard licence or crowd control licence
Student or tertiary identity card
Overseas birth certificarte

Australian driver license
Utility account(electricity,gas,water)
Rates notice
Centrelink concession card
Current tenancy or lease agreement
Supernnuation fund statement

Category 4 documents must contain a current NSW residential address(PO boxes and bnak statements are NOT accepted )

The 28 day cooling off period
Once the application is approved, there is a cooling off period before the relationship is registered
and a certificate issued. After the expiry of a cooling off period, you will need to revoke a
relationship if you decide that you no longer want a registered relationship.
To cancel your application to register a relationship, you can lodge a Notice to withdraw within the
28 day cooling off period (page 11 of the form), subject to the following conditions:

  • Only the partners applying to register their relationship can apply to withdraw
  • One or both partners may apply
  • There is no fee to withdraw, but the registration fee ($212.00) is non-refundable
  • Partner(s) who lodge a notice to withdraw must provide 3 forms of identification.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information in relation to relationship

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