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Divorce: do mothers have more rights than fathers?

In short, no. Divorce in Australia is no fault. A mother and father have the same right to make an application for a divorce. Neither party is treated any more favourably to the other. The court looks at evidence, not gender. Divorce and property settlements It is a common misconception that divorce automatically means a […]

Insurance Disputes AFCA

1. The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) can consider a complaint you have about a life insurance or general insurance product. AFCA is a dispute resolution scheme for financial services including credit finance, insurance, banking deposits, investments financial advice and superannuation. 2. AFCA have the powers to determine a complaint and the findings by AFCA […]

Can I talk to my friends about my family law proceedings?

With the help of technology and social media platforms, it has become incredibly easy to share all sorts of personal information online and with a large number of people. You might have thought that you were sharing things with only your closest of friends, but in the malleable and mysterious nature of the internet, statements […]

Under the Workers Compensation legalisation in NSW , workers are paid a percentage of their pre injury average weekly earnings ( PIAWE) when injured.

What is PIAWE? Weekly payments of compensation are made to injured workers. These payments are calculated by the insurer using a formula and the worker’s PIAWE. For injured workers who sustained an injury on or after 21 October 2019, the formula is gross earnings divided by the number of weeks for the relevant earning period. […]

Whole Person Impairment in Motor Accident Claims that Occur after 1 December 2017

When assessing damages for motor accident claims after 1 December 2017, injured claimants may have claims for non-economic loss or pain and suffering if they are assessed with whole person impairment (WPI) which is greater than 10 % WPI, that is 11% WPI and above. Non-economic loss if awarded in a motor accident claim will […]

Employers obligation

The lesson from Mamak. Australia has a significant history of industrial relations reform and active union engagement in industry across all commercial spectrums of Australia’s economy. The legacy of this deep history is an engrained set of employee rights set firmly within every corner of Australia. As an employer you have specific and significant responsibilities […]